In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Re-springing Your Step.”

Just before Christmas I had a little win, I know money doesn’t always make one happy or indeed put a spring in one’s step, but sometimes when it just seems to fall out of the sky or on a scratch card at just the right moment it can have a wonderful effect. This is what happened to me just before Christmas   when I won just enough to see me through the Christmas now it was a short lived spring, but just for those few weeks around the Christmas period I was able to  gift those I wanted to gift and shop for the extra little things one needs at Christmas for extra food and fuel for the visitors and  yes it did put a spring in my step. I had been so worried the week or so leading up to  my little windfall but somehow I had known somewhere in my head that I would be able to manage and I suppose  if I was really honest I had started to act as if  everything would be provided for  before I actually won the money. When I scratched the  panel off the lottery card and saw that I had indeed won I really thought it was a bit of a miracle and somebody with wings had suddenly  made the whole experience happen for me. First I was filled with an immense gratitude , then with this  enormous  sensation of love for   everything in my life.My  life suddenly took on a whole new  aura of serenity as I planned my gifts for family members and  wrote my  lists for some paint  amongst other things to brighten up the house for the Christmas celebrations. I made only 2 purchases which could be called frivolous one was some winter plants for outside my front door and the other was a gift to myself of a new digital camera  . I was so happy with the gift to myself and left it in  the box for at least a week before finally  mustering up the courage to unwrap it and start learning how to use it. There definitely was a new energetic spring in my step  during this time  which does actually tell me that sometimes money  does make a difference and a lot of what people say about it not making us happy is not true  because a certain amount of money at our disposal does lift the   drudgery from the shoulders of those who sometimes struggle  at  times of the year when  often one’s outgoings are going to exceed one’s income. I really do believe my little windfall was from someone in heaven  it had that tingle about it and  it felt  too good to be of this world . It’s all gone now so  perhaps  something else will put that  spring into my step , falling in love used to do it for me when I was younger  , I could do anything in the first throes of  falling in love , I was such a romantic  and thought  anything was possible  in those heady days , usually summer days  , oh  I can always tell if someone is in love their eyes sparkle and they usually look 10 years younger. Yes falling in love certainly puts a spring in one’s step.

When a deep worry is lifted from us can usually add a spring to our step also , I remember years and years ago  my  mom was having treatment for   a tiny skin cancer on her face, I prayed so hard that she would be okay and I will never forget the day she received the news from the hospital that  her tests were all clear , that news was better than the lottery win and still puts a spring in my step when I think about how  lucky  we were , mom lived until this year and she was 90 years old when she died , the skin cancer never returned and she enjoyed a lovely life.

Another spring in my step was achieved when my daughter,s surgery was successful , when  my  exams were passed, when essays were completed , when the house was tidied , when I get my hair done , oh my  there are millions of things that put a spring in my step thankfully so this post has made me realise that  I am so very very grateful for all the things in my life that help to put a spring in my step and I eagerly await the  next  delight that will  put that spring back again.

5 thoughts on “Just enough.

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  2. I love this. Congratulations on your Christmas bounty. I have little and large “spring in my step” moments. This morning my son called to say this time the interviews may lead to a job. He’s not been fully employed for several years. And I found a lovely handy-man who came today and tightened the screws in my wobbly dining room table legs. Now it is good as new. 🙂

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    • Really hope your son gets the job sending lots of good wishes for this , and glad to hear your the handy man was real handy ha h a , got my cooker fitted today and this has put another spring in my step lets keep hoping the springs keep happening happy days and hugs to you kathy.


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