I just read an article  on the Burning Man  event from the  early 90’s and would like to know about  any recent articles on the event. The article I read  seems to  acknowledge the  event as   a  wonderful  week- end; where people  from all walks of life  are equal and live together in harmony,  where  no class distinction or  ageism or anything other than   respect for each other is practised and where the actual burning of the  man figure is symbolic of   burning the  materialistic ways we have mostly adopted  in our times.

Would be very interested to  know some views today , because as with all  these lovely ideas in their birth  many of the ideas seem to get adopted along the way by  those that see them as  a way to  increase capitol and  they lose their original identity , would really love to  find out your  views on the event  and look forward to  reading any further articles that may have  been written on the subject.


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