Trio no. 4

She can hear the phone  ringing for at least a minute before she opens her eyes to let in the daylight streaming in through  the gaps in the smoky curtains, the warm duvet has lost the battle this morning  as her bare feet hit the cold floor.The phone stops ringing and she panics ‘ please please phone hold your charge until I find you’; searching under the duvet pulling back the curtains ‘where is my hand bag ,it must be in there ‘ rational thinking in a fuzzy head .

The bedroom at this stage looks something like an elite garbage bin has been spilt out over floor and bed. Drawers lay open filled to the brim with things that must be done , bedside locker already overladen with books and pamplets to be read are now hastily joining the chaos on the floor .

Another ring, ring … she stills herself to listen for clues to where this monster is. Her ear tells her to move closer to the bed as she franticly searches through yesterday’s wardrobe,  ah the ringing is more clear now and she feels the satisfaction of knowing she is close, picking up the linen jacket she wore  the previous evening feels heavier than it should and she rescues her phone from the pocket at the exact same moment the phone stops ringing .

Almost in tears now she looks around the bedroom visualising her demise as she realises   she now has only minutes to dress for that all important interview arranged in a cloud of smoke last night .

Steady your self my dear her mind dictates and once she hears that  summons she is set in top gear , the windows open to let in  a crisp bright morning and slowly the smell of smoke from the previous night’s party leaves the room.

Sounds of running water  and kettle boiling fill the apartment   Showered now and hasty make up on , the black dress and heels always ready are beginning to make her  feel she is in charge once again ;no time though to check her phone, she will do that when she gets to the interview, she has the picture painted in her mind ; in it she is sitting reposed and dignified on a chair outside the interview room  looking smart and fresh; checking her phone and sending messages as she composes herself to give her very best at this long awaited interview that her dear friend managed to secure for her late last night.

She does not scold herself for the  chaos surrounding her she has put that scolding off until later, all that she focuses on is getting to that interview on  time .  Three  sips of coffee and half a breakfast roll later she opens the door of her apartment, bag on her shoulder reaching for  her car.’KEYS  ‘ oh my God where are they? steady steady’, ‘where did you last have them’? she hears her organised sister’s voice come gently into her mind , ‘of course I hung them up didn’t I , on the key holder I was supposed to put up last week’ she scolded herself as composure once again left her searching franticly; handbag now spilt on the hall floor and there they were shining up at her laughing almost at this habit she had of losing them .

Breathe deeply now she told herself ..only lost a few minutes;   she slid into the drivers seat and turned on the ignition her control  regained as her little car  went  at a steady pace until she reached the motorway and her phone began to bleep this time.

…Well she had no time to check a message it would just have to wait .. , the phone stopped beeping and a moment later began to ring. The ringing irritated her  and all she wanted to do was for it too stop and as her irritation grew so did her pressure on the accelerator.

She heard the sound of siren overtake the  ringing of her phone just as a speeding car overtook her and then she knew  her  day was no longer in her control . She sat there timid and quiet until the officer approached her car , she did not argue she just accepted her fate and the speeding fine and vowed in her mind  to organise her days better in future.

Defeated, deflated she  started up the engine to continue her journey; as she exited the motorway her phone began to ring again , this time she found a place to park and answer it. Hi Kate her friend yelled down the phone’ that interview is for tomorrow I have been trying to get in touch with you since 7am ‘. …..

3 thoughts on “To Do Lists need to be Done.

  1. What a fantastic ending to this mayhem that sounds so familiar to so many thousands and millions of women out there. I question myself all the time as to why I leave myself so unorganised for time. Why can I not be the one waiting for them, why can I not be the first there?? The only thing I was ever first for was football training or something that didn’t require image energy. Well I loved this piece a lot Kathy. Sounds like a crazy morning that so many have experienced on some level.

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