West of Ireland

Bio: I am a married lady with five adult children and seven wonderful grandchildren , I am a writer and a philosopher. I studied at NUIM Maynooth ; I hold a B.A.DOUBLE HONS in English and Philosophy and an MA in philosophy. My hobbies include writing, reading, photography, I have a great love for the French language and also the French climate , I love where I live in the West of Ireland and feel blessed each day to be able to walk and explore where I live as if for the first time. The countryside here offers so much for the eye to feast on whilst also nourishing the spirit, the soul with its boundless energy. I love to travel and one of my most exhilarating experiences has been to have had the honor to do the Camino de Santiago and also to have worked in the Citie Saint Pierre in France for a short while. My life has been and still is thank God a work in progress and I hope to share on this blog lots of interesting stories and ideas that have caught my attention. Be warned my interests are wide and each day something new will attract my attention and if you like something please feel free to comment; if you don't like also feel free to comment.A blog is a new experience for me and I am looking so much forward to the journey .

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  1. Hello! You have a beautiful blog! Congratulations on finishing blogging 101! Will you be taking blogging 201? I look forward to seeing you around wordpress!

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    • Thanks Nina , I have read lots of your posts, they are always very interesting and prompt me to find out more about the different things you have introduced me to in the articles you write,looking forward to reading more. Kind Regards Kathy.

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      • That’s such a lovely thing to say, Kathy. Thank you, thank you all over again. I don’t think of myself as a resource in the way you describe, as I tend to write about what’s in or on my mind at the moment without much reflection as to how other people may take it, but it’s wonderful that you’ve gone on to learn something more from the posts. Best regards to you, too.

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  3. I looked further at the way you have your blog organized so readers have a smorgasboard to sample of your interests and writings. I like the way you write about a variety of things and loosely fit them under one umbrella. You give me a model to aspire to. Thanks. Love, Viva


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