It’s Tuesday here in the West of Ireland and like the rest of the world we are facing a future of uncertainty amidst the global pandemic and added to all the changes life unfolds almost naturally one has to adapt a certain discipline in order to grow in a new direction. What that direction is eludes me at this present time but the challenges are there they are real and concrete now not just thoughts in space but real goals to be set on paper and followed through in order to make memories that will be happy and bring joy in this uncertain time .

Gratitude has always been the first step towards joy and peace of mind for me also goals and variety add to the ingredients for a happier me. Learning and discovering are some of the magical ingredients I find work in my amazing recipe, yes yes my heart skips because this recipe is mine and mine alone to add and subtract to as I wish with an aim to keep it wholesome. At times it will be superbe like an amazing meal full of colour and new tastes , or a superbe wine that will linger on the pallette just long enough to remind the senses to enjoy the moment.

There is so much to learn now about communication; how to best communicate with our families in order to replace physical visits and plans to physically do things together in the future are on hold in order to keep us safe. Life is dictating to us at great speed and fear is prevalent in so many aspects of how we lived in the past. A whole new world is waiting to be born and the steps towards this rebirth are painful for many.

There are choices to be made for some and none for others , essential workers especially in the medical and caring proffessions dont have a choice their dedication to their proffession has been beyond the call of duty and they truly are angels of light in these dark times. There is no roadmap towards a destination only hope. patience ,kindnes to others and education about disease control can help to generate a calmneess amongst us all.In this calmness we can see what our goals and way forward is.


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