Seems like ages since my last  addition here , but here goes, this morning I   ventured out and took photos.  There are also some photos here from  earlier in the summer with my little helpers.


Today is wet and windy here at the moment so  lots of tidying up to be done over the next month or so.

To the back of the house  a lot of bright  flowers flourished throughout the summer and gave much pleasure,  the area is  quite large however most has now been tamed and my next challenge is the wilderness to the side of the house ,already some alder in,  but very overgrown. We have had plenty  salad, herbs , beetroot and potatoes  however the strawberries  and blackcurrants have not been too plentiful this year and need organising for next year.Tomatoes  are  possible as we  did  eat  a few from the plants but really need to look at  a tunnel or green house for  these. Apples and carrots  yet to be harvested .

Masses of calendula  and lemon balm which makes a lovely tea, a few experiments with  pumpkins  so will see how these go. Plenty of herbs scattered here, there and everywhere so  this will need to be more organised for next year , I must say the work on this has  given much pleasure  throughout the  whole journey  and now  I hope to  organise the  whole project into a  weekly update  with before and after photos of the work .

Still need to  get more evergreen trees  planted  for shelter  ,it is so windy here that  I am reluctant to get rid of  some leylandi  but will  keep them in check  would much prefer  a more environment friendly wind shelter as the one to the side of house with oak, poplar, hazel and hawthorn planted at the start of the garden project and coming along nicely also a good  few roses  here and there. The leylandi rob the earth of  valuable nutrients  but  the wind  is so strong here as we are on an elevated site that  it is a bit scary to  be left  completely open to the elements. I have planted lots of  willow but these are not  evergreen and  so do not  provide much shelter from the elements,  some have been coppiced now and  do provide some wood for the  fires.

Have comfrey , nettles , sea weed and manure  to nourish the soil and  try to make as much compost as possible again it is all a learning process and we try as best we can to adopt permaculture ideas when possible .

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