via Daily Prompt: Gone  Do you love the word perhaps ? I do, it conjures up hope for me   when it is nearly gone .  Another thing ‘perhaps’  reveals is   a certain mystery  ; the unknown  . Language is  a gift    perhaps because  gone is certainly a word that  stirs sadness  within this soul of mine   and the word perhaps is  a gift that still  keeps my glass half full.

Some would argue that  when we die we are gone but    we never are really gone are we?  Tiny atoms of us will always exists somewhere physically and metaphysically we will live in memories until they fade perhaps.

Sometimes the word gone is welcomed by me   especially when an illness is gone  or    a financial debt is gone these make  ‘gone ‘ welcome to me .

The times that reveal my carefree  days are gone  are not so welcome ; perhaps   they are not really gone   perhaps  they will reveal themselves again     so  thankyou for the word  perhaps and  the gift of hope .

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