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Life is mystical because there is always that veil surrounding it , the unknown, the thing we struggle to find; to be , to love , to experience , to like and to unlike ; all these things are clothed in a mystical veil.
Nature creates the perfect mirror to relate the mystical we often find too difficult to unveil. Nature teaches us that as the veil lifts it often produces a boundless beauty that fills our souls with gentle harmony , a knowing that life can be beautiful. To know this can sustain us through the rough seas that often emerge on our horizon.
The artist’s brush can sometimes capture this mystical expression of life. Once captured it becomes known or does it ? The painting of a sunset with the darkness approaching is a feast for our eyes especially when the scene is mirrored in a body of water glistening from the light falling here and there.
We often gasp at the beauty of these paintings they fill us up with gratitude, the veil has revealed something that nurtures us . There are other paintings of more dismal scenes , a foggy canvas that reveals a storm approaching a lone boatman will sometimes evoke panic and sadness within us until we realise that a balance is there . There will always be sunsets and there will always be storms the mystical sometimes lies in the unveiling of them.

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