Hi guys it’s been ages   I know  and all these adventures     I am  experiencing  lately       will  in the long winter months  provide   me with  lots of  ideas  for   interesting blog posts   methinks . The garden is   providing   surprises every day   as  fruit peeps out   into  the light  my heart   does that  leap of   gratitude   as I gasp like  a child  at the wonder of it all.   I ran into the house  the other day announcing  to everyone to come quickly to see   the   pink raspberries   that  appeared over night    then proceeded to    check all the fruit    growing   here     with  my followers in tow. Shots of sunshine   between    showers of soft rain   and  gusts of    hearty wind     are ok  you know if   one     concentrates on   the fact that the sun will show its lovely face  .  I am inclined  to    flit between jobs inside and  outside and this is great   because   meals are prepared  and the house   gets to  look   a bit organised as  opposed to   if the  sun shone   all day  long  I would begrudge being indoors. Posting some pics of the garden and   a double rainbow  just  about    caught on camera ha  ha  lots of    magical wishes   to all my lovely readers .



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