Berries   lots of berries , seedlings coming through,   sunsets and sunrises;   lots of luscious green everywhere and    compost  our own compost   ready and  waiting to be used in all these new little circular beds.    We are using the no dig method  as much as possible in creating new beds  , first a layer of cardboard then  some  nettles   , wilting nettles  cut  , no roots mind , then  a layer of manure  all well watered   in then some grass clippings and shredded newspaper   and  finally our  very own  compost  on top ready to plant into. Feeling so very grateful to have this wonderful  project   to  play with  every day ,yes play with   as that is the only way  I can honestly describe the pleasure  that    this project has given me . Happy days everyone  .


5 thoughts on “Busy busy but not too busy to see!

  1. Back in Virginia I used to love working in my yard and flower gardens. We lived in that house for 20 years and my favorite place was my backyard. Since moving to North Carolina 9 years ago I just haven’t felt the same joy working in my yard. Your recent posts have inspired me. Maybe I can just just start on a small project and do a little bit at a time.

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    • Hi Grace so pleased to hear from you ,and so happy that you are starting on your garden , would you believe I am sitting here at the back door just looking up something and peeped into my blog and saw your lovely comment bless you , look forward to catching up on your posts and wish you lots and lots of luck and blessings with your garden. Kathy xx

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