Sometimes  I say to myself  that   I am not making any progress and that nothing has changed in my life . What a silly thought is that of course I have changed    each  minute  , each second of  every day  and that is how it goes  like a river I am    flowing in sunshine at times   and  sometimes   stopped abruptly by an avalanche of  rocks. I like when the river flows freely  exploring new territories on  the journey,  delighted  at the sight of a wild flower or a pretty butterfly  sharing  the journey along the way. But those rocks  can be  hard to manoeuvre around  at times   and  sometimes this river just  has to stop and  rethink the  path  always keeping the  memories of those  bright moments  within its heart  helps  to  navigate around and over those rocks    to  explore  the  path of the river  yet unknown  .

To get through those rocks is no easy task and yet the river yearns to be free  and flow  towards the   vast ocean  where  much bigger  rocks await in the silence of  its beauty.The crashing  waves  torment the heart of the river , yet  calm will come and soothe the scars. This the river knows from all the changes it has encountered  even though sometimes when standing still  the river lies and whispers  that  “she has not changed”  but   she knows change and she knows  she has lived and goes on living as long as she keeps moving.Some rivers run smoothly and others  run into difficulty along the way  those difficulties keep  appearing until the lesson is learnt .


Banish those stones ,   move them quickly the quicker the better and let the river flow  to enjoy the beauty of the sea  , do not fear those mighty crashing waves   they most likely mean  the experience of  bliss  has visited also .strandhill5



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