There is beauty tonight here ,all is still as the moon watches over us and sighs asking , why all the world has not seen the beauty it is capable of seeing? Emotions rise towards the moon and soar to heights we mortals cannot imagine. As they rise they become tangled, some become extinguished ; others manage to reach the moon but as they look back on the path they have travelled they sigh.Because they do not see reason for their chosen path. All they see is destruction, hurt and a mangled mass of emotions beneath them.

To remain gentle within this mangled jungle of emotion is becoming more and more difficult.Media has become a way of gaining knowledge until we may conclude that media sometimes is only a magnate that has adhered to some powerful force.

A force brought into being by a belief fed on engineered emotion. Never has it been more important for us to think for ourselves and become aware of the dangers of attaching ourselves to any emotions that can hurt the world. Fear is slowly rising around gentle spirits , sadness too as they come to realise they have enjoyed so far a violence free existence. Their fears are now for the generations to come as the reality of our human condition insists on reminding us that there are very few leaders around today that seem to have become leaders because they are leaders rather than leaders that are engineered leaders.

To be a leader there must be no self gain for the individual , a leader is a leader because he has been recognised for being a leader he is not fed by anything other than what is real in the world , he respects all life and encourages those he leads to think for themselves , he makes sure that education includes the study of how to nurture and respect the earth we live in and also how to recognise the dangers of being led by our emotions instead of our intellect.

Sometimes no sooner has something terrifying happened when retaliation of further terror is sent out to atone . I wish so much that we humans would unite to see the world in its simplicity rather than a world trying to prove so many different points of view on things no human can really say exist . There is probably only one thing we really know for sure and that is death is the end of our existence here on earth as we know it. We know that if we worked together as a human race we have so many more possibilities of happiness than if we work against each other . This theory is based on a simple observation and can be best exemplified like this. 2 people meet one has strong beliefs based on faith nothing more , he has no concrete evidence or indeed knowledge of where his belief originated from he just believes something because he has been led to believe and he has never been asked to question his beliefs. The other man realises that the world he lives in is full of magnetic forces that he really should not adhere to lest they draw him into a situation merely because of the power of that magnet. He sees the beauty of the world and it is so illuminated it fills every pore of his being and his excitement of wonder cannot be contained he wants to share it with his fellow human beings and he cannot understand why the other man wants to keep if for only those who experience life as he does , that is to say only those who have faith in everything he has .

So what is the solution , how do we carry on being the gentle loving human species we are capable of being when all around us there is chaos and false information. A divide of great magnitude is coming into existence. Surely we are capable of more than submission to this silent roar.


So we do what we can to change ourselves first and sometimes this is not that easy in the face of great media exposure and powerful engineering however the choice is mine and yours on how best to help the world and all its inhabitants to live in peace and love


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