Wild yellow buttercups are beautiful   , they are both strong and delicate  all at once ,such is the wonder of nature. As  my eyes feast on these splendid  flowers dancing in the wind  I notice a tiny daisy so pretty in the  grass that I have to kneel down to really admire the delicate petals perfectly formed around a tiny sun evoking wonder  now within a  reality of  its existence . Momentarily  saddened by a random thought that destruction   lives constantly at its side. This destruction could come in many forms , stormy weather,  a large  foot,  a hungry beast  or   a child making daisy chains, all  these  forces could destroy the beauty  I now behold .

The daisy does not lose its magic for me in the knowing of these things in fact it makes me all the more determined to  enjoy  its  picture now etched  on my heart  and held warm  within my soul of a beauty  too lovely too last forever  in the grass  but lovely enough to last forever in my heart.


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