In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Three Coins in the Fountain.

My soul is full of   bubbles and laughter as I remember   a trip to Rome a couple of years back . The  sun was shining as we strolled through the city and those same bubbles and laughter    danced in the magic air as  mum and I tried to  see as much as possible of  the famous city in a very small time frame, being of a truly  romantic nature  all I wanted to find was that famous Trevi fountain  and drop  a coin in. I  cannot remember how old I was when  I watched the film ‘ Three Coins in  a Fountain’  but  the music and song was   playing non stop in my busy head as we  strolled through the streets of Rome. Mum enjoyed my enthusiasm that day  and we eat  a light lunch  in a little cafe  as we  took in the  atmosphere and as time was not available to  reach the fountain the music  in my head changed to  the order of the day  which again was full of joy and laughter as we attended the wedding of my niece  my mom’s grand daughter . I do not know what I would have wished for that day if we were to have  got to the fountain but  I do know what  I would wish for today and that would be that  my mom  was full of bubbles and laughter   also;  something bubbly  tells me she was.

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