Oh little blog , have  missed  you so , but all the work was oh so slow and now the garden  sings a tune    unknown in books  , it is unique  and does not allow   my plans to  interfere with   knowledge    discovered  fresh every day   as the unveiling   continues  and mysteries  unfold   this garden has a soul  of  lovely light and  speaks  a language  of  its own .

Now little blog  you must know this wedding  approaches very soon , house is painted ,  cleaned and primed , the suits are bought ,  the little shoes  sit on the rack , the smallest ones are oh so sweet  their leather soft  with tiny jewels  that catch the light , flower girls and bridesmaids ,  groom and grooms-men  , pageboys and  ushers   makes a lot of  suit jackets , frocks,     tiaras and ribbons  also  lots of little packages tied with pretty bows  have suddenly arrived  to be placed  in places of safe keeping until the day arrives.

Their is  a beautiful long long   white cover   over the   wedding dress which  hangs on the  wardrobe door  and fills my heart with  delight each time  it catches my  eye  oh little blog  I am so happy  to  tell you  a little of   the  glee that    has    visited  our house   , and now  I really must  go  to pluck the flowers  outside in hope a second flush will  appear   in time for the wedding.

Before  I go little blog  I have one request and that is  for a big hug  to be sent to all   my friends here on wordpress .


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