I was feeling a bit sorry for myself today so about one oclock  I  quickly put on my old gardening clothes, made a paste with some garlic powder and body cream smeared it  over my scarf and clothes and out  I did go.  I did not know where to start  so  instead of a plan I just started to  weed  , slowly ideas started to develop , some soil was  taken from the big heap near where the pond is  dug out and  another small bed was created for wild flowers as  the fence we put up to  have  a  tamed area near the house is see though and  it will be nice to see wild flowers and not alone for aesthetic purposes these wild flowers will  keep the bees busy . A lot of mulch is needed at this stage and I find I am  robbing it from other areas here that really can not afford to be robbed so  will have to   rethink the mulch as the straw does not suit here very well as it is inclined to  blow away. Put some bedding plants in and  some summer bulbs  as there is a wedding  soon and really need to have some pretty colours blooming  in the area here near the house. Planted the bush hubbie  surprised with also and  as the day wore on  my earlier melancholy shifted to gratitude . Realising how blessed  I am to have something at hand to shift my attitude is  really quite magical . I had been  frustrated with the speed of progress in the garden challenge and wishing for more plants and bushes when  in fact  I did not even get the time to plant what I have  , all I needed was within my grasp and there is abundantly more lying at the front door waiting to be planted and seed packets  lying on the table here that also need to be planted. I am learning a lot  at this time in my life and the lesson I learnt today was  I had enough in fact I had too much  because there is  at least  a week of planting  around me so for this  I am grateful, also for the challenge I am grateful  and tonight I am also grateful for word press where  I can spend a little time catching up  with  some reading.And maybe write  a post also: nothing to do with the garden ha ha . Happy days and  I do hope the slugs do not cross my crushed eggshells and nibble my plants , I am seriously thinking of  leaving a torch on  beside the new plants to deter them .


4 thoughts on “The garden challenge.

    • ha ha well does absolutely nothing for the moods but does keep the insects away , the lavender bath now that does help the moods and tonight i will treat myself ha ha . happy days Barbara xxx


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