DSCF1739 (2) - CopyWind and  cold  do not   help  our garden challenge. The challenge is really taking shape but today was   an effort  planted some  tiny trees , covered the stalks on the spuds,admired the lettuce outside the back door and  picked a few herbs  to dress the  dinner a bit ,  argued about making the compost heap look better  ha ha .  Collected some wood for the fire and  chopped  a couple of logs  and made a roaring fire   in the sitting room to try and take the chill out of our bones , the smell of the wood burning soon  touched our souls and  gratitude for the  tasks completed today  came to the surface.We have no control of the weather and  it is pointless  worrying about it  , the  sunshine cant be far away and if this means we have a long long summer that’s ok .   Happy Days from  a garden challenge crying out for sunshine and warm days.


9 thoughts on “The garden challenge update.

      • Keep safe , and warm , lovely to read in this kind of weather , I imagine u all snug with cup of warm tea and your book in your hand , reading is a wonderful adventure and it takes us to so many wonderful lands , are you like me when i finish a good book , I feel so part of it all that the only cure is to get into another one immediately sometimes if the book is really a great read it is hard to pick up another one immediately i always feel a little sad for a moment when i finish a good read its like being part of something wonderful and suddenly its gone , which reminds me that I must start reading again have neglected my reading for ages with the internet I am always googling gardening sites must get some discipline in my life ha ha , its 2.20 am in the morning here in Ireland , John my husband works nights and sometimes if he is on nights I am inclined to stay up late on the net or writing sometimes i get up and tidy up the house , my mum used to say kath is a night owl ha ha , lots of good wishes kathy .

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      • One nice thing about storms most of the rain comes at night another is passing through tonight. Yes, I have been reading some good books lately. The one I isn’t out read. It comes out Tuesday. THE CASE OF THE INVISIBLE DOG By Diane Stingley. It is parody of Sherlock Holmes and is very funny. I laugh throughout the book.

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    • shopping for the ingredients for the cake and ordering an oven thermometer tomorrow as my oven is slightly too hot at times and it is something I need to get asap as my bread is always done a little too well will keep you posted when baked , kind regards Kathy.

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