The weather has been okay , a few showers  , a little cold and still some frost promised tonight, however the project is  ticking along nicely , as we do not have a poly tunnel or green house I am being careful about  putting any bedding in yet  and as the flower seeds are to be planted outside  , still waiting for the ground to heat up a bit more. This week end  sounds promising so  will  be  working hard sowing  some  flowers for  colour in July. In the meantime  manure added to   some of the beds as the rain promised tomorrow will hopefully  help to   send of that goodness  down into the soil.   Also plans for  a hot bed to make sure  we have some  thriving  plants to show for our efforts.  Going to post some photos now just to keep  a record of what  is happening  . The first photo and the second are  two  plants showing some  signs of  weakness anyone know what I could do to  help them the rose bush here had some fabulousDSCF1641 DSCF1654 DSCF1639 DSCF1649[1] DSCF1655[1] DSCF1646[1] blooms last year  so was hoping for  the same this year but not too sure  if there was  more pruning needed, maybe it is okay but if anyone has any ideas please comment. We also purchased 2 poplar , 2 hazel, 3oak from future forests earlier in the month , these are planted at the side interspersed with native rose bushes ,  there are  a good few cuttings from ribes here and there also.  The fuschia which John bought  sits patiently at the front door  and  think we will get a nice planter for this . We have filled a really large container outside the back door and also added some potager beds  these all await planting in the coming days pictures will be posted as soon as I paint the  large planter , I have ideas for growing tomatoes  by fixing some   sort of hoop house with polythene cover  over it , my dream is to  get a  cover built over the back of house as it would add  a warmer place for plants to thrive in and also provide some shelter from the elements  , if I had my life over again I would have studied carpentry and horticulture instead of philosophy and English literature ha ha .A nice selection of herbs resides on the kitchen window sill also amongst   a  couple of more  things  daily I take them outside but  still hesitant  in leaving them outside until it warms up a bit. We also   received a good pile of pallets from my lovely neighbour  not to go buy a saw and a drill to experiment with using these as raised beds , trellises and just maybe that  play house  on my mind before the  grand kids  get much older. This challenge has had a marvellous  impact on my well being and  gives me  great satisfaction   , the weather gets me down a little but  then I remember how  lucky we are to live in such  a  calm climate really when one considers the havoc that  extremities in climates can cause. We never really experience any extreme weather conditions  and  we  all go a little crazy when the sun appears  , so looking forward to having our  meals outdoors again this summer  it  really is  a delight to look forward to and  to eat our own  lettuce and scallions will make it all the more  lovely. The apple trees look really pretty already with their pink buds  , who knows we may even get apples this year but it may be too early for a harvest  this year . Strawberries are doing  okay and as the summer approaches and the days get warmer  there should be more growth So this is the 7th of May will post again  in a weeks time to update the progress on the garden challenge. Happy Days Kathy. .



8 thoughts on “The garden challenge

  1. Kathy, You have gotten so much done! I wish we had planted trees five years ago. Can never get them in too soon. But the weather has definitely not warmed up enough here either to put much outside as veg goes. It is so hard to be patient, but the darned wind is so damaging. I agree about the weather, we are blessed to not worry about any extremes. A bit more warmth would be nice though! We got our new tunnel plastic but probably will have to wait until June to put it up, not long now. The swans nested high and the cuckoo came before the leaves were on the trees, both said to mean a wet summer. That said, the swans will probably have their babies before it is officially summer so who knows. Maybe they were just responding to the flooding of two years ago and being cautious. I’m still planning on a warm sunny summer. Why think anything else? Melissa 🙂

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    • oh I do hope we get some sun , it was cold and windy here today , lets hope the swans were only responding to that flooding, and the cuckoo got lost but we have heard the cuckoo early also dear oh dear will have make the best of it , the poly tunnel is a real necessity looking forward to catching up here soon kind regards Kathy xxx

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