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Great Day's work fence looking good

Great Day’s work fence looking good

Well tonight I have decided to post an update on the garden challenge. Why tonight  you may ask, well it is not because the garden is looking like the one in  my imagination but rather because my daughter Emma has just reminded me  that   the end is not  what  the challenge is really about  ; it is more about the way to the end.

If the end of something  was  all important  and  the  road to that end ignored what indeed would  I have accomplished , no the garden challenge or any challenge   for that matter is  all about  the journey towards the end. As in all things  in life  the roads taken towards a goal often    make amends to the goal itself as the journey unravels many different surprises along the way.

The goal of the garden challenge was to  tame this wild field of mine here in Kilmovee and  have a garden to be  happy with , a garden  I was proud of.  I started the  challenge in February  with a picture in my head of   a forest with lots of wild flowers , a vegetable patch, and an area that  I could have  a seat  and shelter   surrounded by  colour from all the different plants that  I would plant.  I envisaged a veranda enclosed with a see- through roof , shelter of trees from the wild winds of the west, a polytunnel to grow through the colder weather and  lots of little paths leading to  fairy dells and surprises of  something beautiful hidden  behind the tree lined paths.

These are all still  part of my vision  but after chatting with Emma tonight   I came to realise the  journey towards my dream garden is what  I need to  focus and share more because the joy of working on my project for the last few months has been so satisfying  and fulfilling in so many different ways. If I was to wait  until my garden resembled the one in my head to enjoy the journey that  journey would be lost forever and  I am so grateful tonight to have realised that  it is the journey towards the goal that  I would love to share  in my writing  rather than wait for the  goal to  be  achieved.

Tonight I am celebrating the little goals towards the  final goal and who knows how the final goal will  emerge  as I take small steps along this path ,  there is so much to learn and appreciate at each new step and  my loved ones rejoice with me as  we  step along together.

The work in the garden has been hard there is a lot of manual labour that my husband John and myself have undertaken, we decided at the onset  we could not   exceed  a very small budget  roughly no more than 50 euros in any  week , some weeks  we have managed to spend double that and some weeks  we will not spend anything. We try to use what is available to us at this moment in time   and  I spend a lot of time researching how to do  things economically . Last night I was reading up how to save seeds  ,  as we are both novices at this;  finding information  can be tiresome at times  , just google ;how to  garden and see what I mean.

So after my chat with my daughter this evening   I came to realise I was putting too much pressure on myself  thus taking away a lot of the enjoyment , and there is enjoyment.

These are some of the things we have enjoyed so far; going to the beach to collect seaweed for fertilizer ,  putting up a  mesh fence around the areas  to help  as a wind barrier,  having our  grand daughter Kate plant some  flowers, checking our strawberry plants   daily for signs of growth, chatting with  fellow gardeners online ,  admiring our new veg drills , ecstatic about the onions actually  having lovely green shoots,  feeling invigorated after spending  the day in the garden  clearing and digging ,  going to the woods to get leaves for the compost heap , creating  no dig beds for growing in,  finding out how to make compost  from what we have available and making our own area look as neat as possible with what is already available . The list is  endless and all these things have brought much joy. Each hour or even half hour working on the garden project   brings us closer towards the goal . The chat is infectious in our house about the garden challenge, my dad who is 87 years old  has  gone back to  gardening himself this is  a blessing as  it has given him a lovely hobby to share with us all.

Just saying the goal is  important  but I strongly feel the journey is what  brings the most joy and tonight after my chat with Emma I have decided to relish the journey towards my dream . Happy days everyone .Enjoying the steps towards the goal is all important I think, taking part in the steps;   the flowers and the rough terrain and embraced together with our loved ones can only bring us together on our journeys making the journey more important than the  dream in my head .

6 thoughts on “The garden challenge update.

  1. Lovely to hear about your garden. Your focusing on and enjoying the growing that is happening now while you still don’t know the end reminds me of planting a seed and nurturing a baby long before the moment of birth. The birth is only the beginning. The end is waiting to be revealed – in good time. ❤

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