The Spring Well

The water is clear the sun plays on the surface and we drink cool sips to quench the thirst. Thirst is agony and there is no remedy only to give into it and drink, no amount of positive thinking will quench real thirst. Perhaps visualistation is something detrimental when we are thirsty because the sun playing on the water could drive you crazy when you are thirsty. Is insanity borne out of longing for something we cannot touch , does the whiper of a breeze on skin prove you are living. Sometimes I touch the bark on the tree and then feel the smoothness of a pebble to relish the sense of touch ; the sound of water flowing becomes music all at once and serenity flows gently into the heart, quiet moments and birds accomany me as the butterflies hover here and there ; my heart sings , the air is clean in the mountains , the sun shines more brightly here , the colours are more vivid as are the memories of a girl lost in a foreign land of possibilities and charm . She sits at the well no thought of tomorrow or yesterday only the moments to deal with and oh what moments; sips of cool spring water when one is dying from thirst.


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