In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Seven Wonders.”

Self discipline,   Empathy, Self love, Gratitude, Simplicity, Spirituality. Service.

Self discipline , with it we can achieve a wonderful life and  without it  I think  we only glimpse a wonderful life.Self discipline is something I struggle with at times and many times if I had incorporated it  into my life many of the little disappointments would have been less painful. Lets face it  less discipline less care and carelessness  sometimes causes  pain.

Empathy for me often translates into that old saying ‘always unto others do what we would have others do to us’;  or having an open heart  that allows  us to walk in the shoes of  others at times in order to glimpse what  life is  like for  them. We can do this  when we acknowledge that our lives have  been blessed in many ways and sometimes  not all  of us have been blessed  with an abundance of care and love in our lives; and who knows  how we ourselves may have been affected if  things had been different  in our lives in the  years we grew up in. When I was younger I often thought goodness was rooted in every human being and if people strayed from goodness they could sort of be rescued and steered on the right path, as I age and   find out more and more about the world we live in  my beliefs have been shaken  by  some of the atrocities that have happened in my lifetime through the hand of another human being. I just cannot understand how anyone can willingly hurt another  and I fear I may have been wrong  in the belief that  we as human beings have this innate goodness within us. I am not sure any more , I am a little more street wise I suppose. This stream of thought  I will carry into my next word which is simplicity.

Simplicity  and the explanation I will give is  just ‘ keep it simple’, we do not always have the time to  figure out everything philosophically as I was trying to in the previous paragraph which raised the question for me of what  to do with  a situation I am just not  prepared to  have empathy with , can I just keep it simple and  send  good karma towards the perpetrator of  some  terrible deed and send the same good Karma towards the victims also. How do I keep it simple when my outrage  is  tempted to  roar ? Keeping it simple  could translate as being the  best person I can be,this is really the only person we have power over and by being the best person we can be;  we are  perhaps adding to the pot of goodness in the world. Personally  I find to mind my own business is at times a way to keep it simple . I am not saying that  one should be indifferent  towards  evil of course  we can often  become peace activists and  try to  promote change in many situations that harm our fellow human beings but to  spend  a large part of our lives  focusing on the evil will  not really improve any situation. So perhaps keeping it simple would be to make sure we ourselves are striving to be the best we can be and in order to do that  my next word will be self love because if we are not  happy that we are working towards becoming better people  we may find it hard to love ourselves and in order to love others  genuinely we have to feel happy with and respect our own efforts  of filling the pot of goodness in the world .

Self love has to  be really important I think , sure there is a lot of  self help books devoted to it  with lovely titles that  indulge  our senses with  a passion to treat ourselves. I do not think self love is about treating ourselves unless we have been greatly doing without  a certain amount of pampering rather I  think it is about respecting ourselves  and  for me to respect myself  I have to be doing my best really , this doing my best would be creating discipline in my life  , having a certain amount of empathy when dealing with others and  keeping my  counsel with myself simple. Hope is  a big a part of self love for me when  I fail at something hope is  a lovely  gift  it means I can try again , all is not lost ; with a little more diligence and consideration for my self  I can pick myself up  just like  I used to pick up my children when they were learning to walk and we are all learning to walk , for me life is a learning experience and the gems we pick up  along the way help us to  clear the way at times.

I once came across a great little gem  , just a few lines and it advised  a few things to do each day in order to keep a certain harmony and discipline I suppose  in one’s life, I found that when I practised these  little ideas my life did indeed flow  with   certain harmony and even when   I felt   like roaring  the  roar was  hushed to  a more  active  and  beneficial conversation sometimes with others and more times than not just within my own head.

The gem I am talking about was just  a small piece of writing   with  a ton of wisdom in the words ,I will try to   explain what it said now in my own words because within it are my next two words ; gratitude, and spirituality.

Every day  make yourself as  presentable as possible, this would also incorporate eating healthily and providing one’s body with  the essential needs  for optimal health. Every day do at least 3 things that  you really do not want to do, things like those you keep putting off , it may simply be the ironing , writing to someone, phoning someone, getting to the dentist , just 3 things you don’t want to do. Every day  learn something new , read something about something you did not know yesterday. Every day write 3 things down that you are grateful for , the sunshine, the coffee you had for breakfast , some good news, anything just 3 or 5 even; things you are grateful for .

When one talks about service  it does not really mean  just going about our  daily work this piece of writing advised that  every day  we do something for someone else  without  telling anyone we did the good deed , this can be a simple smile to a stranger , a kind remark to the tired sales person,  a genuine smile of understanding to the disgruntled  shop assistant ,  just a simple good deed  that  you keep to yourself. I am not sure what the writing said about  the spiritual life but  whatever belief one holds in a higher power  one can  trust in daily , I like to feel that  there is a higher power working  through this  little gem  and helping us to achieve a source of goodness through the practising of those steps.

Conclusion: Life is  a gift we can open the present  with surprise each day as it unfolds and sometimes as we  do so we encourage others gently to do the same because our  surprise is often infectious  and  often the simple  gifts within the gift are those that  bring the most joy ; the smiles of encouragement ,the   nice meal prepared  for the visitor; the welcome in your heart and  the empathy  in your  understanding.


4 thoughts on “Seven little gems to paint the rainbow.

  1. I like the idea to do three things you don’t really want to do each day. Self-discipline and simplicity are my tops here. I love your ideas offered on service also. You have summed up these seven important character qualities so well. All great reminders! Tx

    Liked by 1 person

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