I have a lot of questions lots of little notes to self.

The house it must look ambient the garden feast the eyes.

The cake it must be ordered and a picture in some place.

Photos must be developed to sit upon the shelf that really is not up yet awaiting nails and drill.

Cakes to be baked , iced and looking nice , a trip to Sligo , and Castlebar and Aldi or is it lidl to search for lots of treats to fill our hungry tummies with gastronomical delights.

Today is only Sunday and at least one bedroom needs a coat of white paint to brighten it and welcome home the guests.

Windows , doors and ceilings are all clamouring to find a feather duster to unleash the cobwebs that I find.

The mosaic pieces and glue are ready now to decorate the mirror that I find.

Phone calls and letters; cards to buy and send to friends that love to feel we love and cherish the part in our lives they play .

Sunflowers to be planted in the grand kids names and ready to show their little faces we are thinking of them always.

Clothes ready to dress us for the parties we will hold when our dear and lovely loved ones on our threshold we will behold.

Fires lighting and kept lighting to warm our little house , some easter eggs to help our children enjoy easter at this stop.

Smiles must always be on faces no matter what is to do , the most important thing is we have lots of fun, perhaps some easter egg hunts and games to find on the net will show our little angels we can still play and get our hands full of magic and shower them with love oh if only I could wave the wand and all the work be done.

So instead of stressing out about what is and what is not I think I will try my best to do the things that matter , a hall be bright and cheery , the cakes will be sort of sorted, the photos perhaps; not sure, but the room it will be painted and lots of little paths in the garden to take our tea. The clock has just lost an hour maybe I could get dressed, my blog misses me , the dog misses me and I miss me . One magical ingredient would do the trick and it is beyond our power to get it , it is the sun and absence of wind; those two things alone would let me achieve all the jobs that need to be done ha ha so please please sunshine rule the day and please Mr. Wind just stay away.


3 thoughts on “A million things to do that sunshine would make possible.

  1. I well know Aldi. My son brings me yogurt and Swiss cheese from there every Friday. I love your lofty ambitions and your sensible and loving conclusions to prepare for your guests. Here’s hoping the sun beams on your day. 🙂

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