I was determined not to miss this , my batteries had run out so I searched the house and found three, the shadow of me , well what can I say; just wish I had dressed with more care ha ha , pyjama bottoms and Johns large city top not a great idea for a shadow, a long flowing skirt with a really tight belt and my hair fuller would have created a better shadow, had my name done with pin holes to take a photo with back to sun , but didn’t realise how to do this , presumably  you just hold it behind the camera, still not too sure and don’t think I will be around in 75 years to try again , but really pleased with these pictures. It was awesome to see ,I did not manage to get an actual photo of the eclipse, I saw it however and   got lots of  photos around  the time of this wonderful phenomenon and enjoyed the morning with the camera; it was really still here , I am sure I could hear from a good distance , was sure I could hear someone tapping a hammer , the place just went out of light darker in some places never completely dark and then wonderful bright rays penetrated different areas of the landscape what a lovely old world this is .

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5 thoughts on “Playing with the camera around the time of the eclipse in Kilmovee.

  1. Kathy I was so tired when i got home last night that my comment to your post was so short., What i will say now that i have had a good sleep and that a new day has dawned is that these photos evoke in me my days living in sligo and those spring mornings when the sun cut through the mist. they were magical. I miss them! there is a different air and light here on the east coast, Steph xx

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    • Thanks Steph had great fun playing with the camera here around the time of the eclipse , didn’t get a photo of the actual eclipse , saw it here but the sun played with the area after and I got lots of those photos, so glad you liked them happy days to you Kathy.


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