Just thought I would reblog this for my friends that like to go clam hunting , great post here enjoy.

Critical Dispatches

Razor clamming is a simple past time and it is a wonder that more people living in coast regions do not take part in the exercise. Not only would a fair portion of them not be able to tell you where to find a razor clam, a great many wouldn’t even know what one is in the first place. This is a double shame because (1) they can be foraged for free without a license– at least that is the case in Western Europe – and (2) just about anyone can learn how to catch one.

This tan-coloured mollusc, shaped like an old-fashioned straight razor, is called Ensis arcuatus by marine biologists and can be found on the coast of just about any country with a North Atlantic shoreline. They are burrowing creatures and most commonly found in abundance under the sand of intertidal flats or subtidal zones in bays…

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