To all my lovely blogger friends , my sincere apologies for not keeping up with my reading lately , the  garden is taking on a life of it’s own and I spend  a lot of time  in the outdoors ; when I  turn on the computer ; again it is the garden websites that  I find myself  drawn to , my family   joke  at my conversations  because they  are mostly about   plants and cuttings . I am so enjoying being outdoors though , today we  prepared the  drills for some veg, and planted some bushes , after more clearing  , but the weather is really getting much better ,  the evenings are beautiful , the sky was amazing here this evening , all pinks and blues  and the stillness around the  garden was something so special that  one’s heart just  filled with gratitude to  be part of it all.


7 thoughts on “The garden challenge apology .

    • Hi Betty so happy to hear from you, hope you are keeping well, my daughter is getting married in August , so i want to have the garden looking nice, i will post some pics when i have something to show, the weather is getting much better here , hope your weather is warming up, take care my friend lots of love Kathy xxx

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  1. Indeed as your other readers say no apologies needed.Your piece this morning, is plenty for me to work my imagination on and make me tootle up to my daughters on my bike where i have become their unspoken gardener. Which as a delight for me. Like you I have planted a natural hedge for her and her portuguese husband who loves country living after being brought up in an appartment in oporto. And I have already started on the vegetable patch. so yes back bent at the drill’s. And yes the spring days are delightful.love your posts(my downfall has been too much writing of my own and not enough reading of others. Stephanie x

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  2. Tis the season! And ‘happy days’ they are to be spending more time in the garden and less at the screen. It is understood. My apologies for not posting seaweed information. I am working on it though and have been kept busy with similar distractions. The weather is too nice for sitting in and you are not alone as regards to being behind on other things. Good to know you are well and enjoying the sunny days. All the best, Melissa Xx


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