Addiction is  a big  word really  for  us to admit to , if we are the  type of person who wants to give our best (sometimes  from my own experience  with the  big word   that can take on a life of its own)  , it will convince the part of our brain;that allows, to    remain  with it  because it is the only way we can give our best.

In reality  we know  that  this is not the case , we know that our bodies can survive and be  so much more  alive without the  help  of  our new best friend  Addiction  , we know Addiction is   not a healthy friend , what real friend would creep up on us telling us lies   in order to continue the friendship  , what real friend  would cause us so much more pain  than the   pain that drew us towards them in the first place.

This post is  for me  , it is the Descartes method I am adopting in  my battle with  addiction to  fight back really  , the purpose really is to  destroy my   old friend addiction  , who has been a very bad friend to  me over the years . I once said I felt deprived if I   could not smoke , the person I said this too was surprised  , it is only now that I know  addiction  is  what  deprives me , it takes away my  self esteem, it takes enormous amounts of money I cannot really afford, it robs me  of feeling beautiful really  ,  not just on the inside but on the outside too,   my hair and teeth , and skin would be a lot better   off  with  my cigarette money spent   on their upkeep  instead .

So these posts are about doubting , thus the ref. to Descartes , I am doubting the myths  my  friend Addiction  is feeding me . I am not even going to consider Science  for now  just my own  true knowledge. Addiction is a best friend I have to  murder  or perhaps a weed I must smother  and watch carefully , perhaps I will dedicate a patch in my garden for this project  , yes that is  a good idea. The sun is shining here  , the grand kids are coming from Dublin tomorrow and the garden is calling, life is good,   so  around me I have a lot of really nice things to  do and  maybe I shall leave Addiction behind for  a few hours  , at least.

My mom’s idea was to take little steps an hour at a time and perhaps a glass of water  every hour , I never really tried her way  , always thought I knew best, maybe  she is spurring me on from her new home  because  today Mom that’s the advise  I am going to take ,  and  put some water in the fridge  for  drinking in between. Happy Days everyone and  be kind to yourselves   all these struggles and challenges are what  makes us the vibrant people we are , and we are much much stronger than our weedy friend addiction  . Happy Days.


3 thoughts on “Addiction false friend.

  1. I quit smoking in 1980 and it was difficult. What worked for me was to replace smoking with exercise and water (drinking and showering). I suffered withdrawals symptoms for a while, but eventually they went away. More recently, I gave up drinking diet sodas and that’s been difficult as well, but I haven’t had one in over three months. Your plan to work in the garden and having your grandchildren visit, hopefully, will be a nice distraction.

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