It looked like this at 4pm today.


At 4.30 pm it looked like this. 10 th march. 2015

The garden challenge is  today frustrating so much  to do  and not much to see  however some jobs were done , a kind of cold frame for the  sweet pea seeds , some clearing and  a little planting , and another no dig bed prepared , and  my darling husband  got rid of  a few clumps of grass that I just could not budge. I am posting pictures of the  complete site   in order to post again  in  a few months and sit back and  enjoy the fruits of my labour ,  tomorrow the  potatoDSCF0835 DSCF0836 DSCF0837 DSCF0838 DSCF0839 DSCF0918 DSCF1030 DSCF1032

drills will hopefully be prepared  and perhaps one or two trees from the nursery  at the side here as  this area  is really windy and this will help  break it in time , I do believe this project will come together   as soon as the weather picks up and some flowers start  to flower and some of the lawn is cut and painting done  watch this space miracles do indeed happen , oh  I really do believe in miracles happy days. The side of the shed has been painted since  one of those photos was taken earlier in Feb. the bottle  is great  for watering small plants I just cut holes in the bottom and sprinkled over the seedlings . oh dear my cold frame is  pretty not pretty  is it  , well  it  was all I could find  ha ha 2 briquettes  some old wood and  a piece of plastic resurrected from the shed and washed to let the sun in, what sun? the sun that is promised tomorrow afternoon yipee.


16 thoughts on “Will this ever look like the picture in my head.

  1. Thank you for sharing your project! It’s like painting a picture, the blank canvas can be daunting. The potatoes will help break up the soil, a really good thing to grow.I just wish I was closer so I could share plants with you. We have little trees self seeding everywhere!
    Look forward to seeing as your garden progresses. Every plant makes a difference, and it won’t all happen in one year! it’s wonderful to have things to look forward to Kathy! ❤ The sweet peas will be a real joy!

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    • Researching how to grow things now ha ha and just seen your reply it is like music thank you for keeping my motivation going , I am now deteremined to have some nice photos to post asap this blogging really helps me to motivate myself , will give myself a day off soon lots of good wishes from Kathy, happy days.

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