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5 thoughts on “Pictures of Sunny Sunday in a West of Ireland Cottage.

    • Thanks Meredith, it was a busy day as I had 2 of my grand children for the week end and one of them was not well. The previous day had been stormy with lots of strong winds so fires were light and lots of baking was done. The next day Sunday we awake to really strong sunlight and heat , we were totally unprepared for this change in weather a great urgency arose in me to get to the garden but with so much going on inside the house it became harder to escape to the garden, We did manage to fit a good bit into our day against the odds really ha ha . Grand daughter on the mend thankfully and maybe tomorrow will bring the sun again. Happy Days. Kathy xxx

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  1. Interesting selections of photos Kathy! I can see with your seed beds you’re rearing to go! Looks as if you have woods nearby.
    I hope your grand daughter is better today. ❤


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