Hands up , I am like Socrates I know nothing , I have just been reading about pre historic man, about our human ancestors , pre historic because they did not leave as of yet any written history of themselves, I found out about a man called Louis Leakey , who died in 1972 , he did much research into this and now I am going to try and find a book he wrote in 1969 called unveiling man’s origins, this is all new to me , thus the ref to dear old Socrates , isn’t it all so interesting if anyone can recommend some very simple article or book dealing with this let me know , I am in my 60th year and there is so so much I know nothing about ,sometimes I wonder was I asleep for a vast amount of my life ha ha. Happy days everyone , digging for the past.


6 thoughts on “Digging for the past.

  1. Kathy, it is wonderful that you’re enjoying discovering new things.
    Sometimes it takes almost a life time to find out what we want to discover! Enjoy your new life, with time to do those things you want to do! ❤

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