Well I just don’t know what this post will end up being about, is it about my garden challenge? no because the  garden has been neglected today, well not quite neglected ,  I have been researching  things about gardens and growing things and chatting to my daughter about plants  and the advantages of growing our own veg ; so I suppose I cannot really say I have neglected my challenge.

Is it because  I am meeting up with my son and his children  at the football match tomorrow?

Is this post about the wonderful pasta bake my grand daughter Shannon  made for our dinner this evening or the excitement in Kate’s eyes when  I  promised her we would make curtains for her dolls little  hideaway at the bottom of her wardrobe?

Is it about  finding a lovely new blog to follow and  seeing the picture of the happiest yellow bicycle I have ever seen ?

Is it about the wonderful post I read on that new blog I am following that had me  release so many hot wet tears that really did need releasing because some of the images in the story reminded me so much of my lovely mom and her way of setting a table ?

Maybe it is about  creating a pantry like the beautiful picture posted  in Melissa’s blog  that had me googling how to make a pantry for at least a half an hour and sharing stories of my mothers pantry with my grand daughters   this evening.

Again it is not  any one of these things alone that  made me  decide to post , this post is about  the sheer multitude and abundance of lovely things  that  I experienced today which  have filled me with so much gratitude. I felt  I just had to put pen to paper. The wind is howling outside   and the fires are   slowly  getting low  because tomorrow is another day  and   thankfully there are a million and one things to do   , happy days guys  .


8 thoughts on “What is the post about?

    • Thanks Viv I always find if I start to look for things to me grateful for even a simple cup of coffee or getting the kitchen tidy my outlook changes , sometime when I am a bit on the moany side I do this and it surprises me when I write the things down that were good they often outweigh the moany bits this happens more as i get older when I was younger I would often moan ha ha . cant believe you thought my blog was organised as I never really found out how to add widgets properly or the link thing but I will someday , really love your comments they are always so nice and uplifting bless you. Kathy.xxx


  1. I just did one of the infuriating things I do pretty often – clicked on something unknown and lost the whole comment I had written you. I have done that with only one line of a poem left to write. The good thing is that when I wrote it again it was a better poem.

    I was telling you that I call the simple cup of coffee a” little goodness”. That got me through when my children were little and a solitary cup of coffee was worth diamonds. About your organization. I like the rectangles with the titles of your posts. You say in your “about” that your posts are about a variety of things. I think your blog with rectangles follows through with your statement. My posts are in a long string I began in June. I’ve never gone back and tidied anything up. I, too don’t do widgets or linking. I am unable to get a badge for an award from someone’s blog to mine so say I am Award Free. That takes care of that. I write for the joy of it and choose not to get frustrated with learning technology. I have no pictures on my blog because I never did much photography. Each of my husbands took the pictures in the family. I’ve been married and divorced twice. My first husband, father of our children, lives close by. He has a girlfriend companion I like a lot. We are good friends and go out for coffee a couple of times a month. I am on cordial terms with my second husband who is remarried. That marriage is happily behind me. Living alone is a positive experience for me. I really enjoy the back and forths between you and me.
    Vivi ❤

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    • me too Viv and you never know one day you may even come to Ireland and we can have that coffee together , its really big of you to be able to get one with your husbands girlfriend , i think i may throttle her if it was me ha ha , but you know as I age I seem to be at time getting a little sense and maybe i would be cordial too who knows , tonight my husband was a little ill he gave us a bit of a fright we all take our health so lightly when we are well , my dad was just visiting bless him and that was nice , he is 86 and in great health drives around our little village here and talks to everyone , he knows far more people than i do and can recite off their relations too and wonders at me when I say I don’t know them , I love the way you write and really think there is many a good book you could write , hope we keep in touch and isnt it great that we have this lovely hobby of writing and conversing with people we otherwise would never have met . Looking forward to our continued friendship lots of love and blessings from your Irish friend Kathy. xxxx


  2. My dear Irish friend Kathy. Ditto everything you said. Except I don’t know about writing that book. I do plan to offer my church a reading of my Cuba 2012 stories. My best gift is writing and I thought I could share it with the congregation. I’m glad your husband is Ok after the fright. xxx <3. Viv

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  3. Such a beautiful post of gratitude and appreciation. Little things are really add up to be grander than they often get credit for. I too love her travelling tales from her yellow bike. Hope you are having a lovely week. Xx

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