As society is getting more and more de-humanised  , I often wonder why we allow  it to happen. Why have we never actually  said to the Banks , “I really would prefer to deal with a person rather than a machine in my dealings”, and  my argument  would  be backed up by the  charges they charge me to   look after my account.

My dad is 88 years old , he is in perfect health bless him and he  refuses to  use a  bank machine at first  I would  try and encourage him to   keep up with technology but lately  I have come to admire the gutsy way he has stood up  to  the dehumanisation that exists all around us. He does not   argue with all advancements in technology,  he does for instance have a mobile phone  as it offers him a little security in that if he is alone somewhere and needs help he can call someone.

I use the internet but often it frustrates me when I search for information ; it can  bombard me with a couple of million  different   pages to choose from so when I have to undertake  some research I really prefer a book, well a couple of books really and maybe some  tips from other people.

I am steering away now from the  main argument I am trying to make and that is why do we not question  this dehumanising that is going on in society today.

If I want to get in touch with  a  certain department  today I rarely get to speak to a person who can deal with me as another human being   and often I am left talking to a machine. In a life death situation  a machine has no way of understanding something it has not been programmed to understand, there will always be grey areas that are not  covered.

Would you agree there is a lot of unemployment in the world today,  have machines taken over the roles of human beings  in the service areas? If  you do not fit into the prototype that the machine has been programmed to deal with   what do you do ?

Is it in our interest to be dealt with or deal with a machine ? OK maybe at times  we may not have to wait in queue, surely if there were more staff this would not have posed a problem  . The big question is  who  is  profiting by cutting back on  humans manning services rather than machines.   Is it the one percent that hold the most of the wealth already that  will eventually benefit  by this  , of course it is because this one percent own everything anyway. People quote the GDP   and tell us that things are improving , for whom are they improving?

I really admire the way my Dad thinks for himself and   realises that  he does not  have to conform to everything that society dictates is  advancement   and lately  I  am aware that as we age  it would be nice to think that  we did not have to fit a prototype in order to go about our daily lives . Dad did not study philosophy but he is a great philosopher  because he questions  and he is constantly reading  and gaining knowledge of the world around him.  He doesn’t watch television either  how  cool is that  ,  I think it is cool  because  he has made a conscious decision to  never be brainwashed by    what he would call ‘a slick talking gentleman,’ trying to sell him something he did not have any use for . I feel a bit contradictory here because many times I have advised him to take an interest in  the soaps  on television  , how dare I  suggest that he  is not capable of filling his  hours with something to his  own enjoyment. He loves driving around in his little car and  chatting to his neighbours   , I am 60 this year and wonder  if  I will still be allowed this wonderful freedom in my eighties or will some bright spark invent some  special  mode of transport  for me that  I will have to swipe a card to  enter  . I will be taking a much more active role in this type of decision making  that dehumanises  us from now on and like dad  I may just refuse to be part of some of  it.

Happy Days Kathy.


8 thoughts on “Why do we allow the process of de-humanisation.

  1. Kathy, this is a great post and I’d love to meet your father. He’s right in making decisions to suit himself. Unemployment is growing here, as the machines take over, which is really sad for kids who have never had a job. I hate the way changes are not questioned, and it is assumed we’ll all follow without complaint.

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  2. It is a hard to transition out of once in the dehumanized system…it seemed to happen so gradually. Your dad was wise to never buy into it. Is it me or is it impossible to live without a bank account these days? Everyone wants/insists on direct debit. Last time I rented a car, they wouldn’t accept cash. I was floored.

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    • It seems the case and also I think it is almost impossible to work without a bank account as all wages have to be paid into an account , another thing my Dad would say is for the amount of money we have , we really dont need some bank to look after it .Times are changing so fast , My son insisted we down load an app tonight in order not to have to print out boarding passes , ha ha I am still a bit worried about it , I would much prefer to have my boarding pass in my hands , we will see how it goes , the scanner may be broken, the phone may get lost , ha ha , he was having none of it . I f I am out in my garden tomorrow instead of on my way to Manchester the app thingy will be the fault. Happy Days .

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    • Thank you for your welcome comments , the time has come to question some of the things we are being force fed , I just love to see the young people think and ask questions and perhaps our encouragement has been lacking for various reasons , one of the reasons is perhaps we want to protect them from the dangers of standing up for things but sometimes as a mother myself I find I am so proud of them when they question things and decide they will not bullied into conforming to something that is really true they love truth and truth is what we all need especially today when often the media is not truthful and the media is so powerful, I find this a bit alarming .

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    • I like this and am proud to have such a wise friend , I try to do this also , sometimes I waiver and let others dictate but mostly I choose , I think it is important to decide for ourselves and choose our own destiny I always fear if we do not do this others will soon step in and try to choose for us , we must always keep our power , someone told me that a good few years ago and I am so glad they did , I think I will write something about that soon. I am 60 this June and so happy I have got this blog , it is really great to hear from you and other bloggers about their lives and hear your stories happy days my friend from Kathy.


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