This poem is dedicated to my husband John to remind us both of the beautiful time we spent with Colette at Bealtaine Cottage today Feb.20 2015.

I want to write a poem for you Someday we will understand .

As Hopefully together we will smile and take each others hand

Because memories of today will shape this lovely land.

You shared a little dream with me , surprises  joy and love

As we strolled through Bealtaine with Colette  at our side Her gentle voice was music a flower in this land.

Our car boot it was laden with the gifts of flowers to come

You really loved this way of life and I think you understand

The joy  this lovely lady brings by nurturing the land.

I saw today again the light in those two eyes

That tell me every day we spend is a gift of real love.

So when we read this little poem in years to come I hope,

You will always smile at me my dear just like the day we stood and marvelled at the work achieved in Bealtaine’s lovely wood.

To meet that lovely lady and listen to her words was the music that we needed to keep kindling our love .

We hurried home like children anxious to practice what we learned about planting and nurturing this land that we both love.

You made haste to make the toast you saw made the way you love

We even used the range to roast our lovely spuds , the cake we ate I hope to bake and pray it tastes as good.

Today it was the perfect day for remembering my love.


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