The weather was pretty blustery here today in the West so  I decided to go for a walk  and   admire the  trees  that grow  strong and sturdy  along the way   , these trees  just grow and  once a year the council  comes along and does a bit of chopping here and there just to make sure that    their presence does not cause a hazard to the motorist.  Every year they grow back and  provide a rich tapestry of greens and browns  along the country roads here. There are no gardeners  to  nurture  their daily needs for water and nutrients  they take care of themselves and  are  well adapted to our climate , these are the trees I am going to  try and grow in  my garden  native Irish trees especially the hazels , the hawthorn  and wild roses.

I remember as a child my lovely Auntie Kathleen getting married and  making our bridesmaid bouquets from the wild roses in my grand parents  little garden at the front of their  house , I can still see that lovely house so simple and yet such a magical place for us children to be. It is so funny the way  the  subconscious mind  works its  way through what we think of as reality  don’t you think?

Why are memories of  my lovely aunt’s wedding coming to me tonight of all nights reminding me of  the   happy wedding    of  an Aunt  I loved so much.

They are such welcome memories  , my grand parents had  a very simple cottage back then ,  they must have had electricity  , just the lights no plugs perhaps because I recall somebody fitting the  cable from the gramophone to the light bulb holder , I could be mistaken  but this memory does exist.

I also remember lots of Irish music, lovely food, a barrel of beer and lots of visitors to the house. My aunt Kathleen was very pretty and nothing pleased me more than when someone said I was the image of her, she was  much more beautiful than I  but there was a good bit of resemblance and  I  lapped it up.

The day before the wedding there were at least 2 trips to town  for bits and bobs , the white cotton socks and the white sandals that you  polished with a special whitener  , my poor mother’s hair  turned out wrong so she had to go back to the hairdresser in order to  sort it out but that night  when we all returned there was much laughter and cheer in the house as we  prepared for the next day .

How we all got ready is a miracle , no bathroom, no running water but oh my how we all gleamed  and after the church off to the hotel for the meal and I remember my grand Father singing  a song called Maggie . Two of the nicest sayings I remember my auntie Kath  for were ‘your worth your weight in gold,’ and God bless your cotton socks’. It was one of the best days of my life and for this beautiful memory I am so grateful.


5 thoughts on “The Garden Challenge remembers Auntie Kath.

  1. What a lovely story Kathy! You really brought the preparations and the whole wedding to life for me. I love the sayings of your aunt, ‘Worth your weight in gold,’ and ‘bless your cotton socks.’ I’m glad you take after such a woman. ❤

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