Well I just had to go and buy  a few pairs of gloves for us today, honestly thorns were getting down my welling ton boots  as well as into  my hands as we fought with the thorny blackberry bushes. But the trip to the shops pays off as I purchased one lonely rhubarb stool  , it looked lovely and had one whole stick of rhubarb on it , but alas the kind man in the plant shop told me not to touch it for harvesting for 2 years , then I explained to him that I was hoping to add at least 3 more rhubarb plants to  my collection in the next few weeks and   was really hoping to  be eating some of the spoils  this year ; think the poor guy felt sorry for me and told me that maybe I could cut half of the rhubarb  to  use in the first 2 years , also bought some lettuce seed that I will start on the window sill  , the kind you can pick  and  magically more will appear.

The nice man in the plant shop is going to get me some  hazel trees about 4 or 5 , all this is actually  very expensive , of course my husband had a great idea and  he is right  I know. Ok I shall tell , I am a smoker and if I spent the money I smoke on trees and plants  I could plant me a forest  oh how I wish I could plant a forest.  So now I need a couple of miracles , well one miracle would suffice really  and that is to become a happy non smoker, not a grumpy one a happy one. Then one miracle would  start the ball rolling  and make way for lots of other little miracles.

On another note after working hard all day  , I decided to do a bit of surfing; looking at trees mostly then I googled how to make  a clay oven  in the garden.  Don’t ask how trees  turned into clay ovens but you know the net one thing leads to another , so I watched the utube video it was great but  he also gave a recipe for home made pizza;oh I just cannot wait to try this recipe out as it looked amazing . It made me so hungry that I am now sitting here after devouring a large cheese and tomato sandwich   as I had no yeast or no tins of tomatoes in and the large pizza in the freezer  was just a little too large so the sandwich was the next best thing , even poured a tiny white wine to go with it instead of my usual cup of tea.  I must remember to watch this video if  my appetite ever  needs to be increased.

On the garden challenge photos;  there are lots of wild places covered with thorny blackberry bushes  , we cleared a lot and look forward to  lighting the bonfire soon , also  kept some and tried to  tame them so a lot of mulching needs to be done around these, another little bed done and  oh the sweetest thing I bought today was one bag of farmyard manure from the plant shop. This is  just until I arrange for  a   load to  be delivered .

Still haven’t found any poplar trees growing near , so tomorrow  I  really will have to look more for both poplar trees, hazel trees and ribes  , it would be great to find some as then I may be able to get some cuttings as I believe from my reading they are easy to grow from cuttings at this time. There must be millions of these around here as they are native trees , but being a novice  I may not identify them. For someone my age I really should know more   , oh  almost forgot I found out the recipe for white wash it is what my grandfather did  back in the day , instead of painting the house he whitewashed it ,   and it looked lovely , just lime and water and the whitest of white   walls  appear , have to be careful not to get splashed though as it really stings the eyes I have been warned. Happy days guys and happy planting.

DSCF0941[1] DSCF0939[1] DSCF0937[1]


4 thoughts on “And so the days continues on the garden challenge.

    • I have heard that the 12 step program is a way forward with the cigarettes perhaps my higher power will help, and you are right about the trees being a much healthier option, addiction is not nice and too think we were born with no addictions , they say one addiction can be swapped so along with Garden I have now started knitting and my knitting is kindergarten stuff but I find it kinda relaxing . Today the weather is not too great so I may spend some time reading after tackling the house work , have a lovely day and many blessings to you friend . Kathy xxx


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