Not sure what project to get  into today, there are a lot calling out to take part in but the loudest call is actually from the garden so I think I just may go and look at those briars I was talking about in the last post and see if I can create something out of them  as my little grand daughter Kate would really appreciate collecting blackeberries come September , lets see what happens. Now usually when I have in mind a  task for the garden challenge  other tasks pop into mind as I work away this is the surprise element and who does not just love surprises , my writing is a lot like that ,  I give my article a name , start  writing and before I come to a conclusion the article title changes this will now be called ‘ Who does not like surprises’ ; instead of ‘ Its raining ha ha. I feel myself smiling one of those great smiles that extend from ear to ear as I congratulate myself on  changing my mood from ‘its raining to ‘surprises’ ha ha . Happy happy days guys. Kathy.


3 thoughts on “Who does not like surprises?

      • We havebeen having spring weather this last week. A pair of hawks have return to nest again. I had a bad spell that stopped for a couple of days. I read most of the time but several are ARC so reviews will be later. How is your garden coming?

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