In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Sliced Bread.”

I suppose sliced bread  was a great invention in one way , personally I prefer a  loaf of bread that I have to cut   , it tastes better to me  and I get to choose just how thick I desire it . Granted when my children were small and the days just did not have enough hours in them   the sliced pan as we have named it here in Ireland was a  speedy way to  make  sandwiches for school lunches  etc. But the saying really has nothing at all to do with bread does it , maybe it did have originally but  not  now.


I love this little gadget  called a camera because  I just love to take photos  especially of all the beautiful things we take for granted , sunsets, flowers , things that grow , my grand children’s smiles  , lots and lots of things , maybe it is because I have a blog that I value it so much , because at least if I use my own photos I do not have to worry about  referencing and all that . People that know me , realise I  am usually in a hurry to  get what I have to say down and  silly things like commas and full stops  take a little bit more time don’t they  and referencing takes ages .

Essays in college were  great , I loved writing my master pieces but all that referencing and quotation marks  just  slowed me down  ,  but I know they are necessary  in order for things and ideas to make sense.

Now here is the real reason that I think  a camera not just my camera could really help out the student when  adding their bibliography; why not just take a photo of the reference and  have an app attach it to your essay , so glad I decided to take part in this  daily post  ,I have just unveiled a wonderful  business idea , must tell my son about it before  I forget it  . My son is a  whizz at all techie stuff and always on the look out for a great idea for an app , well now I have just discovered one . This app idea is the best thing since sliced bread don’t you think ?


4 thoughts on “A camera is just the best thing since sliced bread.

    • ha ha , sometimes I come up with the craziest ideas , was looking at poly tunnels last night , mentioned it to my dad this morning and he just rolled his eyes , you know I found a site in Galway that actually would come and erect one but you never know I just might try and build one myself , I really wish I had more skills in building and carpentry , I would just love to erect a little building at the end of the garden here with lots of windows that would also withstand the rain and wind. Have a great day , between the showers here I may get some little job done in the garden , happy days to you all . Kathy.


      • Blah weather here. Yesterday was such a gift. We were out all day. Today is lashing.
        Speaking of gifts, a tunnel will reward you rear round. They are quite an investment though. We will be purchasing new plastic this year and moving ours out of our front garden to a side field, still very accessible though.
        I have friends who built one. Don’t know the details, but it is very effective and aesthetically as nice as any shop bought one. I could easily get the details from them. What size are you considering?
        On the island it is easy enough to get other gardeners over for a tunnel erecting get together. People just loving to share their knowledge. Enjoy the dry spells. Melissa

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