The appetite also , well what were those surprises , I could make them up and tell you I found a pot of gold , but I have to be honest   there was no gold , but I did put a barrel under the drainpipe and it filled  to the top in less than 2 hours so now I have rain water harvested , I remember collecting rain water to wash my hair in once  it was supposed to be really good for it . I still have very long thick hair which spends most of the time in a pony tail of sorts piled on  the top of my head so wearing hats sometimes is  a pain but hey I discovered a wonderful thing just cut  a hole in the top of your woollen hat and pull your  bun or pony tale through its great a real surprise as the hat still keeps you lovely and cosy  and for me is now a much better fit; a kind of woolly bandanna .

I cleared away some briers and   attached some  branches to  a pole  , who knows perhaps  this will work , its a new idea growing blackberries on  a trellis, yipee.  I am doing that much trudging through the land that paths are actually forming , laid a bit more cardboard and  did  a tidy around  garden.

Treated myself to a nice glass of red wine with our dinner and now I am off down the hill to visit with my dad and see if he has news  since this morning,  the surprises really consisted of discovering that  I have rain water at my disposal  and  fresh air is the best tonic for  an appetite and also the best aid to  a  good nights sleep  , gardening is also a wonderful way to keep warm in the cold weather and I really do believe  that all this gardening is doing miracles in the way it lifts my mood.

Blessings and  happy days. Kathy.

DSCF0907[1] DSCF0912[1]


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