Wow got so much more done today with a little help from my darling , we were both delighted to find that the compost heap I had  hurriedly  done about 2 years ago revealed some really nice dark soil ,when we eventually tore away the carpet I had put on top. Things just  seemed to come together nicely we  fixed up an area that we hope to grow lots of veg in , at first it all  looked so impossible but  steadily  it  took a little shape.

We gathered some stone in the wheelbarrow and  pushed it up the hill , getting some good healthy  exercise as I felt the muscles pulling in the backs of my legs , so the added bonus is this is all keeping me really fit. We searched for manure and got  enough to cover the new no dig bed with, this no dig bed took a few hours  as everything was not at hand , even went into the woods to get some nice twiggy compost , that lovely carpet of  crumbly stuff under the trees and lots of twigs for the fire were also brought home from the woods , the smell from the twigs burning was divine this eve when the fire was lit in the sitting room.

Planted  a small bush that I bought yesterday for 3 euros ,  each new bush or tree is an added bonus and our local supermarket has a good selection of different  plants and trees all year round so now there is no excuse not to leave back something we really do not need and  buy a plant or tree on each visit.

The photos I am going to add show the  layers that we put down on the no dig bed , wasn’t sure whether or not to cover it all with  a weed barrier , but  left it uncovered  as I will try to get plants in there asap , if anyone can suggest what to put in now it would be great  , its near the house , so I was thinking some herbs and lots of flowers to pretty it up . What do you think? still haven’t tackled the rose pruning a bit scared actually as the place is so empty of plants I really don’t want to  lose anything that may  help make it look more lovely. Enjoyed the day so much and looking forward to tomorrows challenge. The veg plot we tidied up today will take a good bit more work  so that will probably be the task tomorrow hopefully some other little task will appear like the no dig bed today  that can be  finished in the day , it is so nice when something can be accomplished that wasn’t there before , makes me feel we will succeed , another thing we did today was start  a path of straw through the really difficult area to the right of the   of the no dig bed. Well that’s me finished for tonight looking forward to reading your blogs now;night all and happy happy days to you all Kathy.

DSCF0873[1] DSCF0876[1] DSCF0877[1] DSCF0881[1] DSCF0882[1]


5 thoughts on “Great day today enjoyed the garden challenge so much.

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  2. I love seeing your garden take shape. I used to consider that the gardening I did was not on my “to do” list. I saved gardening for time when I could leave household tasks behind and feel the things you do – texture of dirt in my hands, smell of growing things, tired muscles and the deep down pleasure of creating something new. I am enjoying your daily updates. 🙂

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    • Thank you Viv, as the outdoors call more and more I am afraid the inside of the house takes a back seat , actually burnt the dinner yesterday ha ha will organise better as the days progress, lots of happy days to you my friend .Kathy xx


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