Yes a photo  , I have been searching the net for just one photo of how the honeysuckle looks today the 9th of February in Ireland or England if possible as the climates are the same and do you think I could find one; no of course not. There are millions and millions of beautiful photos of this plant out there all showing the plant with  luscious foliage and  wonderful flowers and this is what I want mine to look like; so today If anyone reading this  has one of these growing in their garden now;  please take a photo of it  and share it here in order to give me a little idea of how it should look. I am going to take on  another task for a few hours just to  allow time for  photo to arrive before I tackle my intended task . I am an optimistic person and just know that when I return a photo of the honeysuckle in February will  appear . Thank you all so much for your encouragement on this challenge it really is helping me to keep focussed. Kind Regards  and happy happy days to you all from Kathy.


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