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The land around my house here in the west of Ireland  cannot really be called a garden yet , that being said I am determined to make  it into  a lovely space that is filled with trees, flowers , fruit and vegetables. At the moment I am trying to identify some trees and shrubs and   this is my first one here , I think it is honeysuckle but  it could be anything ,  the first pic  is of some little branches cut from the untidy   bunch you see here in the next  picture. Do  I cut it down to  within a few inches or do I leave it and maybe attach it to the wall , it seems a shame to  dig it out  as I have so much space here to cover and need  to nurture what is here already so any help  from  fellow gardeners would be a delight . I have a few more pictures of unidentified plants  and will add them  if  there is a response to this my first post  in  garden challenge.

Thanks for reading Kathy.


5 thoughts on “What is this plant please growing on the shed wall?

  1. It is hard to tell right now. It could be a honeysuckle or possibly a willow. Thes plant looks like cutting could be make and you could have as many plants as you want. I would start pruning it by cliping out the crossing branches. Once that is done you could better where you want to go. Remember at every cut you will get new stems. If you want to the tovgovout clip at the out side of the bud.

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  2. Kathy, I would think it might be a honeysuckle. Pruning it back won’t hurt it, and it might make it more manageable, so you can train it where you want it to go. How exciting! You won’t know what you have for at least 12 months! Hidden delights, such as bulbs, will bring you much joy!! ❤

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  3. I agree with it being a honeysuckle, in which case you could cut it back to control it or you could just let it ramble. I guess you could do something down the middle also–cut back some of the wildest branches and let the others grow. Lucky you! Enjoy it 🙂

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