Cite Saint Pierre.

Eager to glimpse the day standing by that window.
Darting here and there I see you sun ,I worship you with overflowing heart.
Crisp white cotton top the pretty one with flowers , blue jeans faded and bandana in a knot.
Large cup of tastes that make you smile, sitting in the sun, the urge to share it
Rushes in wih speed a force unknown, to go feed a starving nation just a tiny little drop
Of the kindness and the love you feel this immersion in the Shock
Of the encounter with your heart filled to the brim with love for your fellow man.
A love that daily spills upon each brand new day.

Where faces worn with hardship , painful sadness etched  upon their brow
Released now of all tensions as the beauty inside unfolds, to saturate the face like this is some beauty to behold.
A city of light where religion never dominates , spirits rise unbridled to reach the holy grail.
All is one that lives within these walls of nature, in this heaven here on earth .
A phenomenon that nurtures every bone , every  living fibre of the pilgrims aching soul

Kathy Burke.


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