Trees and more trees , that is my main ambition this year and to plant as many as possible  , someone once told me how to take cuttings from willow and this did work , so now  as a frugal gardener I am  asking for help in how to take cuttings from trees, when to take them and how to plant them  , if you have any ideas on this please  let me know, I live in Ireland and the weather is  mostly windy and we do get a lot of rain , so need lots of shelter from trees , the sun does show its face now and again so   we are not completely without it’s happy face now and then.


8 thoughts on “Trees

  1. Trees are difficult to make cuttings. One is to injured a branch near the ground pack dirt over it and a year later new roots on on the branch and the it can be cut off for a new tree. Willows and cotton wood often can be started by sticking a green stem in the ground.

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  2. About the possibility of printing out a blog. I don’t know if it is possible to do it directly but have figured out a way to print individual posts. When I get the Daily digest with one of my posts I move it to my AOL email filing to a place I named Blog.Then I can print out a post or forward it to someone’s email.


    • noticed a print icon at the end of each individual blog also so it is possible just need to get a new printer now ha ha my list is getting longer since I started the blog , sewing machine, lots of trees, new printer and bobs your uncle as someone once said happy days. oh almost forget sunshine I would trade my laptop for sunshine so looking forward to summer. happy days.


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