Do not scold, I am not bold, just want to know how to do this.

I need attention now, when you say I’m naughty it niggles me a little bit.

I don’t understand why there is a line waiting, I don’t know how to wait.

I don’t try any more, cos people say I am bold.

Maybe I am , at least I get attention if I shout.

Who is this? She is different than all the rest.

She does not say I’m bold, she listens to me.

She told me if I waited till she finished writing on the board that she would come and talk with me.

She’s nice, she tells me all the time why she just cannot  answer me immediately.

She likes me !

I like her, she never tells me I am bold.

She always has lots of jigsaws ready, and building bricks and music that I like.

Hey I get to pick the music now when I finish the jigsaw, it’s great.

I don’t think I am bold any more, I am great.

Teacher told me so.

Kathy Burke March 2003.

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