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I don’t remember my birthdays is so not true for me , I remember them all so clearly; the best birthday was the one I celebrated in France, far far away from family and friends. I approached the table and took my seat and tasted the wine poured for me and ate the French biscuit offered kindly from hands I had not seen before. The conversation was in French and flowed fast and furious as these new companions of mine exchanged the day’s news , I sat , I listened ,in the warm night air as I tried desperately to join in.

In my head I planned my speech ‘Aujourd’hui, c’est mon anniversaire et j’aimerais que vous chanter happy redescendrais veuillez’ there were smiles, then silence, then in loud musical notes those 4 lovely people sang happy birthday to me in French. I was elated and went to bed a happy lady eager to start my work in this new and exciting place the following morning.


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