Wonderful poem here from one of my fellow bloggers. Just had to share this as I think it says what a lot of us feel today and yesterday.

Fiction, Amongst Other Things

Through the coming days and the dark storms they’ll bring
I’ll ride with you.
As the vitriol flows and the weak seek to alarm,
I’ll ride with you.
When the light begins to fade and the fear-mongers start to sing,
I’ll ride with you.
If you feel hopeless, unable to find calm,
I’ll ride with you.

For we are not a nation built on the fears
of an irrational and deranged few.
We are Australians and
we’ll ride with you.
We won’t give in to hearsay and small minds incapable
of discerning false from true.
We’ll ignore them, scorn them and pity them.
We’ll ride with you.

The future of this country is one
of acceptance, tolerance and peace,
and, arm in arm, we will always stand by you.
We’ll ride with you.
For, in the end, we are all human,
we are all Australian, there is no me and…

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