Sitting in the sitting room stuffed with dark sombre furniture , my eyes divert to the bright white curtains and I thank my heart for them. I remember the day well your beautiful soul was too grace filled to say no to  the new furniture , as you knew it was gifted with  kindness. Recognising your distress I fitted those white curtains and some bright  coloured cushions and throws and oh to see the  light in those two eyes fill my eyes with tears of gratitude now for the love  of me you showed in your eyes that day I will never forget.

Today I went to visit your grave still bright and new with abundant blooms, a little red car now sits next to your little cup . The gravestones around you are shiny and bright , just like you would like. There are gloomier ones too and  it frustrates me  to think these would ever  guard your grave; knowing your love for all things bright, I pray one day to   make it right .


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