There is a faerie in my head knocking gently on the door of my soul the name is Sidhe pronounced Shee with a long e. My line is Irish and that is why I fled to hibernate until safety once more healed my land. My soils were mistreated and used for greed instead of living , slowly lately I have found many Sidhes returning and nurturing our land. My step is faulty as I begin, like a newborn once again , the soil sustains me and good clean air, the goodness in folk I see once more. The woodland is where I am most at home and sometimes somewhere I often find; lovely stories from times before and pass them on with human hand to my little fairies in this land.

Sparkle stars you shine tonight , inky sky is given light. All is asleep until the day that Spring arrives and stirs the slumber , oh what a time for my rebirth; refreshed and wiser and not alone. The world is larger now I know, planets exist where humans don’t go , language is no barrier when souls recognise the love in each other is a reflection of the love in them , to be awake again where there is no other uplifts the soul and gives me wings to fly once more to unseen heights , over mountains, lakes and seas; spreading loves dust as I go.

Oh tonight is such a night to feel once more the frosty bite , to light the candles of hope and joy and remember always how to be with this faerie gift of abundant love.

Love for all people , and all theirs too , their people’s people and where they go. Such gentle sounds and silent gifts; the world is beautiful where we tread , sipping from the streams that flow , eating fruits that we grow; from tended earth , healed and thriving; once again our harvests show the earth forgives when we show our longing souls have come home once more to nurture and heal all wounds that show our plundered past.

Kindest regards to all Kathy and Sidhe.

Tomorrow Sidhe’s adventure will have photos of all she finds growing and a poem that she wrote whilst in hibernation when she glimpsed some of the hurts she longed to heal.


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