In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Oasis.”

It would be lovely to say at the bottom of my garden lies a lovely shed.

I can see it in my mind it has windows and  a porch , it is warm inside because  sometimes the weather is wild , wet and windy here in the west, so my little oasis would have to have a wood burning stove , a small table for a candle  and my book and diary and also perhaps a kettle to make some tea and  a music  centre just a small one  so I could play the  quiet music I like sometimes , there would be shelves in this little house at the end of the garden and there would be so many flowers growing around it lavender especially as I love how it looks and smells ; there would be lots of trees around my little place and they would part  almost magically to  let me enter.

All through the year there would be colour from the trees and plants   so these would have been picked carefully in order to bloom at different times , I am there now in my little oasis , oh how happy I am to discover the    imaginations of my mind to  create such a lovely oasis. I am going to make a cup of tea now and  put some lavender oil into my burner  and  dream about my  house at the end of the garden.

Happy Days .


5 thoughts on “The lovely oasis in my head always there sometimes changing it is completely up to me.

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