In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “I Got Skills.”

Managing nicely,  amazingly actually with  little  or no skill in  sewing  I covered a chair,  grew some flowers and planted some trees and they grew how amazing is that .  Nurse, cook, doctor ,  wife , mother  sister, friend , daughter  , writer,  teacher, student,  French speaker, English speaker,  graduate , philosopher , typist, technician and the list goes on .

If I was to  pick a couple of skills that need  some work to  become skills I excel at they  would be   learning to speak better French, actually become so fluent that  one would mistake me as a native French speaker,  know my camera   like  I know how to walk , and know my  garden and  see it bloom. Those are the 3 skills  I would like to   develop as at the moment I am  practising many many skills but am master of none .

Have I time to   become skilled in speaking French, to  learn about and practice gardening and  also  learn to master my camera , oh I do wish a fairy would appear and wave her magic wand  or at least direct me to  a  timetable that  would help me in my  skills upmanship if you like.

However if  I don’t manage to master these three things I will still enjoy  them and  potter on   , if I can boast of one skill I do have in  great abundance it is the skill of making do. always I have been able to make do wonderfully and for this lovely attribute  of myself I am so so grateful , many things I have fixed in my own way , many out fits wonderful out fits I have  put together on   little  money and many meals have   been prepared fit for a King  , no matter how tired I have been ; I dont think I have ever let anyone down in regards to having the home prepared for  parties  and celebrations  my kindness at times is over the top my dear hubbie says but I just love giving and  so what    if  I  don’t sometimes think about tomorrow; so you see I do have skills,  great people skills  I do posses also and    I always make everyone feel like they are welcome   when they come to visit  , I can  wreck the house  in an hour and have it shining in 2hours . I light up the room at times they say and   this is me  ok sometimes I falter dont we all but the good times with me make up for all the falls   my skills are many  but I am master of none.

HAPPY  Happy days to all .

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