Sometimes the consumer  world and the total lack  of accountability within it  annoy  me especially if I have complaints or  a query about a purchase;  but  I really do not want to write a subjective post because tonight  the subjective slowly and in a very dignified whisper altered my  angry subjective state into  a caring objective state.

I realised that my rantings  for my own rights  were powerless without taking into consideration the  rights of these voiceless people; whom, through no fault of their own had given up  the  struggle to be heard; these people are now my greatest concern and also my greatest asset.

I hope they hear this  and take some  nourishment from it , because lots of nourishment is needed to be heard if you only have  whispering voice in the power game.

The power game is on, the contenders are ; the large company and the tiny consumer. Why does the company mostly win do you think ? Does the company intimidate the  consumer with automated responses to  queries, with carefully monitored  repetitive answers to a query , to not naming a person accountable for a situation, and does this method of communication not wear the consumer down to eventually   feeling complete despair and giving up the search for answers to the original complaint.

I genuinely feel for those that do not have the mental stamina to  stick with it, not that sticking with it will  get results but at least one’s confidence in themselves will not have taken a bashing. Bashing would be a good word for what  a lot of customer service erudition   needs in order to be a  customer service.

But this is not how the big companies operate they  do in fact seem to instruct their workers in  customer service to bash the customer  with  a constant barrage of carefully selected language used to  intimidate the customer  to   such a degree that the said little customer  often just wants to forget the ordeal.

This is where the whisper began  for me; the whisper that has me worried about the  bashed customer, imagining  all sorts of  sad outcomes for them; I feel a need to let them know  that together  we can alter this  uneven scale and  together  demand that some person is accountable to us  their customers.

The person accountable is never the poor guy in customer service doing  the job as he has been instructed ; no it is the one  at the top  and it is there, the top I am speaking of that  is shrouded in mystery and this mystery must be  solved if  we are to  have any confidence in a company.

I spoke earlier in this article about enlightenment that  eye opener if you like is, that this  intimidation does not only affect people in a consumer situation but it happens throughout society anywhere  that the person accountable for actions is invisible and these  theories that  have come to my mind  seem at this time the reason for certain subjective  things to have happened  to me recently in dealing with a customer support  section of a large company.

I really hope you  leave some comments on this  as  I feel a little passionate about it .

Kind Regards Kathy.


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